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During the LinuxDays conference we announced the winners of the summer programming competition for MeeGo / Symbian and subsequent competition for readers. After a fair fight winning applications are RubiBox, Heureka, and S3Dict.

All applications were judged by independent judges who anonymously split their 14 points between the different applications. Applications with a higher sum of points have better rating. An overview of assessment is given in the following table:

Benecore – RubiBox 18.71
Štefan Sedlák – Heureka 12.85
Andrej Repiský – S3Dict 11.43
Michal Tóth – Kimu Mobile 8.69
Dinesh – puppy-file-server 8.63
Martin Kolman – panora 8.29
Abhishek Kumar – Bumblr 7.22
Guillermo Amat Gomariz – DFileBrowser 4.75
Johan Thelin – Contraction Counter 3.82
Takahiro Hashimoto – QumoPlayer 3.80
Matus Talcik – ownCloud client 3.78
Anand Bibek – DoMee 2.92
Najath abdul azeez – MeePrey 2.56
Navaneetha krishnan N – Burst Balloons 0.56

1st place – RubiBox


2nd place – Heureka


3rd place – S3Dict


Developer of S3Dict

Contest for readers

In the second part of the competition, the prize took David Kolibáč, who wrote a review of the application called DoMee. For this review, David received several prizes – backpack, T-shirt, vacuum flask, and phone pendant. In addition to the winners, the other competitors who came personally to see winners’ announcement got the Openmobility Association T-shirt as thanks for the participation in our contest.

Finally, we thank all participants for their competition entry and we hope that everyone will take part in our future competitions.

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