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Only to Sunday, the 30th September it is your unrepeatable chance to enter our competition and get N9 or N950 for creating an application for MeeGo/Symbian^3. It is the last opportunity to get these phones, which will not be repeated. The N9 and two developer’s phones N950 are awaiting theirs winners. On Sunday, the 30th September, 23:59 CET we will stop accepting applications and competition will advance to the next stage, when readers co- decide the winner and for their contributions to the evaluation may receive small prizes.

Conditions for booking the SW application in the competition were described in the first article. In the next competition stage will be the applications researched and assessed, as it was described in the previous article. If you want to participate in any portion of the competition or have any questions, please contact us at

So far are registered eight applications, so you still have a great chance that your application just reached the highest levels. So, if you have an idea, try to realize it! Creating an application is not difficult, and a few days could be sufficient. An example is the “Ski Guide”, which was created in 24 hours by three authors in the Hackhaton – competition in the express programming. Although Ski Guide not win, but became one of the most widely used professional applications.

Another example is the czMeteo that currently accounts approximately 27,000 downloads and four stars in Nokia Store. This program was developed in three days. The program displays images from weather radar transparently over a map of the Czech Republic. Individual images from the radar are stored in the cache, so it is a smooth transition between images reached. The map also shows the current location of the user. Using gesture “pinch” can be given piece of the picture zoomed in. The program is distributed under the GNU GPL and its source codes are on Course of time it was fork of this program created, which is called radarEu. This fork uses a different data source. It covers although most of Europe, but the data are at a lower resolution.

Another example of an application that arose in a short time is Slevolapka. This application won AppParade a few days ago. Its development for Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan lasted several days and Slevolapka is available for download in Nokia Store. One of the main issues addressed in this application is a cache. The cache is created as a local database by calling JavaScript openDatabaseSync, which is too slow. To ensure a good response the problematic user interface code was displaced to another thread using QML component WorkerScript.


Creating own application you will support applications for MeeGo ecosystem, mer project and nemo mobile. Furthermore, you will support new products by Jolla, which wants to offer devices based on further MeeGo development till end of this year. Additionally your application with slight modifications will run on Android and BlackBerry 10 (QNX) systems. These platforms are supported experimentally in a development environment Qt Creator 2.6 beta. The Digia which recently acquired the Qt also plans to add support for iOS. The result is a cross-platform framework that may come in handy.

Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) plans to release new devices running BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system, which is to be controlled only by touch screen (like most contemporary smartphones). For this device will be used the BlackBerry Cascades toolkit that provides the basic components of user interfaces like qt-components for MeeGo Harmattan and Symbian.

Going back to the competition, if you want to participate it is necessary to provide a link to the source code repository till September, 30th, 23:59 CET. To the October, 15th it is still possible to update your SW application, but the jury need not take this into consideration.

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