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On Sunday 30th September 2012 ended the first phase of the contest. A sign up of new applications ended but authors can still work on them. Now, it starts the competition for you, the readers. Your task is to create a review of application/s.

Information for programmers

Applications can continue to be developed and adapted. Making authors some larger application upgrade, they should inform us by e-mail. It should be noted if a half of the application is changed two hours before the deadline, nobody can do a new review.



How to write a review

Ideal application test is to run it and later to evaluate it. To avoid having to compile application, we have prepared for you all the source code and installation packages in the Dropbox. It may be additional information available there, too. Without having a supported phone you can use simulator at QtCreator or the Remote Device Access.

for testing. You need to register yourself, you will be prompted to set up your account, it can be used these versions of stuff: Firefox v2 +, Internet Explorer v7 +, Opera v9.6 + and Safari v3 +, Java ™ Web Start, it is usually included in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), required is JRE version 5.0 or later. It should be available a connection to the Internet, outbound links to ports 80 and 1200 of RDA server.
For Remote Device Access, the applications must be Symbian packaged including necessary certificates – it’s also available in the Dropbox referenced below. To write a good review it will be not just watching screenshots enough, unfortunately. We wish you success in testing!


The winners of the contest will be announced and awarded on Sunday 21st October 2012 at 13:00 CET at the conference LinuxDays in Prague. At the same time we will distribute prizes to reviewers. Prizes unclaimed on the site will be forfeited (except of phones won). There is no legal claim for awards.

Apps in contest

The list of applications in the contest follows. They are ranked according to date of their entering.
App Author Description More info
1. ownCloud client Matus Talcik Application for syncing with OwnCloud for Nokia Belle ownCloud Mobile Sync – git
2. DoMee Ananda Bibek Ray DoMee is a general ToDo list application for MeeGo Harmattan
3. Kimu Mobile Michal Tóth Kimu is space action arcade Kimu Mobile (svn)
4. widgets Lucien XU An application that brings widgets for Harmattan widgets
5. puppy-file-server Dinesh File manager puppy-file-server
6. S3Dict Andrej Repiský An offline mobile dictionary compatible with DICTD format S3Dict
7. Burst Ballons Navaneetha krishnan N In this game users have to shoot the wandering balloons in air to increase scores. The movement of the phone changes the direction of the bow & arrow using accelerometers. Burst Balloons
8. MoGateway Leon Anavi Converts your smartphone into SMS gateway by forwarding emails as SMS to specified phone numbers at the title of the subject MoGateway git web blog Youtube videoUser’s Manual
9. Contraction Counter Johan Thelin This is a tool for tracking contractions during labour Contraction Counter
10. Heureka Štefan Sedlák Shopping consultant in mobile Heureka
11. DFileBrowser Guillermo Amat Gomariz Light file browser DFileBrowser
12. Rubibox Benecore File manager for Rubibox git
13. MeePrey Najath Abdul Azeez port of Prey (free and open source laptop tracking software) MeePrey
14. Bumblr Abhishek Kumar Tumblr app Bumblr
15. QumoPlayer Takahiro Hashimoto A subsonic client for Nokia N9 QumoPlayer
16. panora Martin Kolman Panora helps to capture photos for further panorama processing panora

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