Summer Contest to Win a Linux Smartphone

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Openmobility in cooperation with Nokia proudly announces this summer’s developers contest for applications in Qt. The Qt framework is currently running on devices using the operating systems MeeGo Harmattan and Symbian^3. To participate, create an application for devices using Qt and QML. A new Nokia N9 Smartphone running on MeeGo Harmattan awaits the lucky winner and there are also two Nokia N950 developer devices ready to meet their new owners.


The range of subjects is wide and open. Your task is simply to develop a mobile application that uses Qt and QML. If you want to, you may also design your application specifically for the Czech or Slovak market. Feel free to make use of all the available hardware; the camera, the microphone, the A-GPS and positioning functionality, and others. Just for pointers, there are very few applications that use NFC (Near Field Communication) at the moment.

For inspiration, take a look at the last round of this competition. To mention only a few possible ideas, there is still no client for Nokia N9 to synchronize individual contacts on social networks like Google+ and LinkedIn. Also, the Czech social networks Hofyland, NYX, and roumen are not yet supported.

Another good idea would be to port various applications from other platforms. One example worth mentioning here is ReMoko, which is a tool for radio control. Then, there is the NMAP security scanner for network exploration, which could do with a user-friendly interface. A simple and rather interesting implementation is ownCloud. When it comes to security, Prey could be a promising alternative to the current version of the Track&Protect application. As an inspiration from other platforms, just take a look at some of the amazing piano and guitar simulator applications.

There are no limits to your creativity and playing around with applications like “A Guide to the Monuments of Prague” can have surprising results. The physical engine QML Box2D allows you to create fully fledged games that may even level with classics as Angry Birds.

For Non-Developers

The applications created for this competition will be available to the public from September 30. You may review and evaluate the ideas, improve applications, or fix bugs. Once you submit your review, you can vote for your favorite application and win a prize.


(1) The application has to be published and distributed under one of the available open source licenses (GNU GPL, BSD) and the development of the application must be open and transparent. We strongly recommend to create a project page with a hosting server for open source projects.
(,, etc.)
(2) The application has to be submitted to the Nokia Store ( and be at least in the QA stage.
(3) The application has to be developed especially for this competition. Entries that have been published before in any form will not be considered for this competition.

How to Participate

You can participate by sending an e-mail to Simply include a brief description of your application and a link to the public repository. For reviews concerning individual entries use the same address. Reviews will be added to the web pages of Openmobility. For questions concerning the competition use the address above.


One Nokia N9 smart phone and two Nokia N950 developer devices will await the three winning entries.


July 2, 2012 – call for entries
September 30, 2012 – deadline for entries
October 15, 2012 – deadline for reviews
October 20, 2012 – announcing the winners


The entries will be evaluated by an independent jury and the interested public. The first criterion is of course to have developed the application. Other criteria are:
– native system integration (native look)
– publication and documentation (user documentation for the application, a blog entry describing the application in detail)
– idea and innovation
– benefit to the community
– extent to which the features of the telephone are utilized

Submitted Entries

All submitted applications will be published here.

Matus Talcik – ownCloud client
Anand Bibek – DoMee (github)
Michal Tóth – Kimu Mobile (svn)
Lucien XU – widgets
Dinesh – puppy-file-server
Andrej Repiský – S3Dict
Navaneetha krishnan N – Burst Balloons
Leon Anavi – MoGateway
Johan Thelin – Contraction Counter
Štefan Sedlák – Heureka
Guillermo Amat Gomariz – DFileBrowser
Benecore – RubiBox
Najath abdul azeez – MeePrey
Abhishek Kumar – Bumblr
Takahiro Hashimoto – QumoPlayer
Martin Kolman – panora

Winning Entries

The winning entries will be announced during the Linux Days 2012 conference in Prague.

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5 Responses to “Summer Contest to Win a Linux Smartphone”

Comment from fernando
Time 8. 7 2012 at 20:21

Is there any restriction to participate?

Comment from Jozef Mlích
Time 9. 7 2012 at 13:40

As far as I know, all restrictions are written here in section rules.

Comment from Norayr
Time 17. 9 2012 at 11:35

Can I submit an application which now works on Maemo Fremantle, or should I port it to Harmattan and only then submit it?

Comment from Jozef Mlích
Time 17. 9 2012 at 11:47

Harmattan or Symbian only.

Comment from Jozef Mlích
Time 24. 10 2012 at 16:23

The full results was already announced on the conference. The sort results was announced on our twitter channel. We are preparing an article on this topic. It will be released soon.

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