Press Release: Openmobility Conference 2013, April 6/7, FEI STUBA Bratislava

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Openmobility 2013, Central Europe’s leading conference for open mobile platforms and open source hardware, is taking place in Bratislava at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Bratislava University of Technology. This year’s conference will see some of the leading experts and developers in the Czech, Slovak and international Open Source community focusing on open mobile technology and open hardware. For the first time, Openmobility is going to take a closer look at the quickly growing DIY and Maker movement.

Who is going to be at the conference?

Martin Holec and Jaroslav Řezník kick off the conference with a brief overview about open & mobile platforms and Open Source Hardware.

Next in line is Miro Hrončok, a cofounder of the 3D laboratory at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Miro is going to demonstrate how to model and print various objects and show some prototypes of his own design.

Leon Anavi from Bulgaria, a lead developer for Opencode Systems and a QT Ambassador, will give an update on the development of Tizen 2 and discuss more generally challenges in developing Open Source Mobile Applications.

Thomas Perl, a mobile developer from Austria, will look into porting QML applications from MeeGo Harmattan to Sailfish.

Pavel Tišnovský from the Czech Republic, a author for the domains and, is going to talk about ARM processors.

Presentations will be held in English, Czech or Slovak. For details, see the program.

Partner of Openmobility 2013 is Red Hat, Inc.. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Bratislava University of Technology kindly provides the venue for the fourth annual Openmobility conference.


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