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Jolla means a lifeboat in Finnish. But Jolla is also the Finnish company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of smart phones. In this field, the company would like to follow up on the operating system MeeGo Harmattan, Maemo Fremantle, Mer, and Tizen. Regarding the hardware, we can probably expect a big flattened device with touch screen, as do all its competitors.

Establishment of the company was done by the Nokia’s former employees who worked on the Nokia N9. It is only few months since Jolla’s inception in April 2012 and Jolla had announced that for new phone creation has 10 million euro already. Later, the company announced the creation of the Sailfish alliance with Chinese smart phones’ manufacturers.

One of the information first published was that the specifications of the phone will be announced by the end of 2012. At this point, we know that it will be in mid-December. The question is, how long will take to get the device to users since its announcement.

An interesting feature is the absence of an official website. All official information is communicated via Twitter at @JollaMobile and LinkedIn. Over time, a lot of other channels from fans were established on the Twitter. The same way was launched the channel @Jolla_CZ_SK. The main reason is to show the Czech users interest on new device to the Finnish manufacturers.

Analogy Jolla = boat, Harmattan = wind

As is unofficially reported, the device should be produced in the same Finnish factory where they made phones for the company Nokia.

As operating system it will be the Sailfish OS employed, which should be the most likely resemble the Nemo developed by the Mer project. Mer is a Linux distribution that arises as an open source alternative to systems Maemo and MeeGo from Nokia. This system runs on the Nokia N9, N950, N900, but also on the IdeaPad or ExoPC (both x86), for example.

Nemo on the Nokia N900

The development will need Sailfish SDK. SDK should be issued on the Slush Conference held in Helsinki on 21st and 22nd November 2012. According the information fragments provided by Jolla it seems that SDK will support QML, Qt Components and probably some web runtime. As a packaging format it should serve the RPM. Until the publication of the SDK, it is recommended to develop applications for Nemo / Mer project, expecting that the later Sailfish OS port should be easy.


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