Press Release: Openmobility Conference 2013, April 6/7, FEI STUBA Bratislava

Martix - 28. March 2013

Openmobility 2013, Central Europe’s leading conference for open mobile platforms and open source hardware, is taking place in Bratislava at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Bratislava University of Technology. This year’s conference will see some of the leading experts and developers in the Czech, Slovak and international Open Source community focusing on open mobile technology and open hardware. For the first time, Openmobility is going to take a closer look at the quickly growing DIY and Maker movement.
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Openmobility Conference 2013 Call for Presentations

Kolektiv autorů - 25. February 2013

As every year around this time, we are again organizing Openmobility, our annual conference for open mobile platforms, open source hardware, and this year also about DIY/Maker movement. We are crossing borders when this year’s conference takes place over the weekend of April 6 and 7, 2013 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Entry to the conference is, as usual, free. For news and updates, follow: … »

Qt for Android

Jozef Mlích - 16. November 2012

The Necessitas Project deals with porting Qt to Android devices. Achieving this goal is very close. In this article we will describe various aspects of development for Android in Qt.

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Jolla on the horizont

Jan Mareš - 11. November 2012

Jolla means a lifeboat in Finnish. But Jolla is also the Finnish company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of smart phones. In this field, the company would like to follow up on the operating system MeeGo Harmattan, Maemo Fremantle, Mer, and Tizen. Regarding the hardware, we can probably expect a big flattened device with touch screen, as do all its competitors.

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The winners are known!

Jan Mareš - 25. October 2012

During the LinuxDays conference we announced the winners of the summer programming competition for MeeGo / Symbian and subsequent competition for readers. After a fair fight winning applications are RubiBox, Heureka, and S3Dict.

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Summer contest for readers

Jan Mareš - 3. October 2012

On Sunday 30th September 2012 ended the first phase of the contest. A sign up of new applications ended but authors can still work on them. Now, it starts the competition for you, the readers. Your task is to create a review of application/s.

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Summer contest is approaching its final

Jozef Mlích - 24. September 2012

Only to Sunday, the 30th September it is your unrepeatable chance to enter our competition and get N9 or N950 for creating an application for MeeGo/Symbian^3. It is the last opportunity to get these phones, which will not be repeated. The N9 and two developer’s phones N950 are awaiting theirs winners. On Sunday, the 30th September, 23:59 CET we will stop accepting applications and competition will advance to the next stage, when readers co- decide the winner and for their contributions to the evaluation may receive small prizes.

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Summer Contest to Win a Linux Smartphone

Jozef Mlích - 2. July 2012

Openmobility in cooperation with Nokia proudly announces this summer’s developers contest for applications in Qt. The Qt framework is currently running on devices using the operating systems MeeGo Harmattan and Symbian^3. To participate, create an application for devices using Qt and QML. A new Nokia N9 Smartphone running on MeeGo Harmattan awaits the lucky winner and there are also two Nokia N950 developer devices ready to meet their new owners. … »

RePho – A Versatile Tool for Time-Lapse Photography and Animation

Martin Kolman - 20. June 2012

The RePho app was originally designed to “recapture” old photos. If, for example, you have an old black and white picture of some place, imagine what it will look like today? RePho allows you to display the old image as an opaque layer on the screen of your smart phone. The parameters of the layer (overlay opacity and rotation) are easily adjusted. And just when the original picture “fits” the new one, you simply press the button.

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